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Employer Brand

Your employer brand is a critical part of the hiring process. From the first engagement with your candidates to rejection letters, it all comes back to your reputation.

White-Labeled Candidate Experience

Enhance your candidate experience with a personalized rejection letter completed with a company-branded message and send them off with further professional opportunities at Joonko’s partnering companies.

  • Redefine candidate experience with a graceful farewell
  • Display how your company cares by extending further opportunities
  • Reflect your employer brand with the company’s lingo and tone, enhancing your brand’s visual standards
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Impactful Applicants Awareness

Broadcast your D&I efforts to underrepresented candidates by utilizing a dedicated and branded mini-site that shares all of your inclusive efforts and sets the expectation for potential candidates.

  • Introduce your inclusive practices to qualified talent
  • Shine a detailed light on the D&I landscape at your organization
  • Share personal examples of employee representation and success stories
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Retain Your Talent

Keep quality underrepresented talent at an arms reach and extend opportunities at other branches within your organization. Retain Your Talent exposes open positions to prime candidates before they move on to other companies.

  • Reserve quality talent for relevant positions within the company
  • Expose candidates to opportunities within your portfolio of companies
  • Save time on sourcing great talent time and time again
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