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Stay on course with customized Analytics. Track the progress of your open positions, manage goals, and take your diversity recruitment efforts from good to great.

Actionable Quarterly Report

It’s all about the data. Optimize your recruiting strategy, analyze your progress all while eliminating biases in your hiring process with tailor-made reports, actionable insights and recommendations

  • Analyze the performance of your recruitment efforts
  • Track the data that matters most and share it across teams
  • Make tangible decisions based on customized data
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Data Overview

Get a birds-eye view of all your diversity recruitment numbers in one place. See how many open positions you have, how many hires you’ve made, and which metrics need a little boost

  • Review actionable metrics that help measure your progress
  • Implement new strategies to increase recruitment success
  • Manage high performing positions and revise others accordingly
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KPI Management

All your essential data in one place. Set real hiring goals and benchmarks that you can revise anytime. Look at your success over time, reset your goals as needed, keeping a close eye on diversity recruiting.

  • Monitor efficiency in recruiting processes
  • Keep up with revenue saved on sourcing costs
  • Optimize your time-to-hire timeline strategically
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Ready to accelerate your diversity recruiting efforts?