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About Us

Diversity Recruitment Made Simple

Our Story

In early 2016, we began with a simple question: How can we improve the lives of women, minorities, and veterans in the workplace? After over a decade of climbing ladders in the tech world, Ilit Raz knew the odds were stacked against her as a woman in a male-dominated industry. And if she had it tough, were others having issues with accessing the same opportunities? Through a series of conversations with her peers, Ilit realized it was past time to work towards building a more equitable workplace for all.
That’s when she founded Joonko.

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What We Do

Joonko’s technology plugs directly into your ATS, giving you access to qualified talent from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. Everyone who enters the Joonko talent pool has had their expertise verified by one of our partners. From there, AI-powered skills-based matching recommends applicants by the criteria you provide. By bridging the gap between companies and candidates, Joonko has built a diversity recruitment platform that benefits all parties.

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Why Joonko?

Named for Junko Tabei (田部井 淳子, pronounced Joo-n-ko), a Japanese mountain climber who became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest on May 16, 1975. Her relentless perseverance reminds us that no challenge is too big to overcome.

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Our Vision

Joonko is improving workplaces across the United States by providing HR teams with qualified talent from diverse backgrounds. Powered by our homegrown Artificial Intelligence, Joonko is recreating talent pipelines, disrupting recruiting norms, and eliminating bias in real-time.

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Our Values

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Change mindset not behavior

We’re innovating a new way of normal and pushing D&I to the front of the conversation.

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Believe in all

We love and support everyone, no strings attached. We believe that revolutions are about power for the people.

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We’re about so much more than just work, we love hard and value our time together.

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We say what we mean and we mean what we say, there are no guessing games here at Joonko.

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Joonko Leadership

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Ilit Raz

Co-founder & CEO

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Nofar Bracha

Chief Technology Officer

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Pe’era Feldman

VP Marketing

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Want to boost your workplace diversity one qualified applicant at a time?

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